Livin' the Sprite Life Studios is the fictional television studio in which Livin' the Sprite Life is "filmed," located in a skyscraper.


Almost every comic was "shot" at LTSL Studios, although the existence of the studio itself has been mentioned far less often in the series.

The studio also had a cameo appearance in Project Klinkerpoop, when Dokuma used the Deus Ex Machina button provided to him by the Octopus Baby Entity to send the gang into the past and teleport Dokuma's clones to LTSL. This was acknowledged quite some time later in LTSL with the final Mission: LTSL Invasion comic. The set of Dokuma's Apartment, the most prominent set in the studio, was used as "Dokuma's room" in a later PK comic.

The studio was destroyed in the SS-08 comic, wherein Dokuma used a cannonlike machine to demolish the building. Humorously, the studio was rebuilt as "LTSL Studios II," but destroyed by the awakening of the SS-09 two comics later.


From relatively early on, Dokuma began to interject the idea of LTSL being sort of a television show into his comics, sometimes openly acknowledging the presence of a fictitious "set" outside of the panel, the need to market the "show" to other "stations," and even a detailed list of "employees" working behind the scenes.

This is sometimes complimented by the occasional breaking of the fourth wall, where a host often addresses the viewers head-on at the onset of each strip.

Dokuma's Apartment

Dokuma's Apartment is the main background used in most recent LTSL comics, and considered a part of the studio. As it was used in Project Klinkerpoop to represent Dokuma's actual residence, it is believed that Dokuma canonically lives there, meaning that it only doubles as a television set.

Dokuma and the others stand in his apartment


In comic #58, Dokuma provided a list of the organization's "employees," which were really its permanent guest stars.

Employee Description
Dokuma Writer/actor/co-owner. Writes most of the sketches and works alongside Aslan.
Aslan Writer/actor/co-owner. LTSL's creation was his idea, for which Dokuma credits him.
Onuanuva:King of the Underground Writer/actor. Also writes many sketches.
Nikira Actress/PR rep. Helps with the ads.
Toxo Actor/numbers guy. Gives us the ratings.
Motago Actor/technician. Tends to the set and occasionally mans the camera.
Marka Secretary. Runs the complaints department, handles the paperwork. Official errand person.
Toa of Luck Actor/special effects artist. Uses Gimp.
Torritorri Actor. Also holds up cue cards, because the crew it too lazy to buy a teleprompter.
Exxon Actor/technician. Handles the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electric in the building.
Icecoldtoa Resident critic/Dorito enthusiast.

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