Lol with Angry Nidhiki


Author(s) : Angry Nidhiki
Current Season : 2
Medium : N/A
Island : Mata Nui (Probably)
Main Enemies : Makuta
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : ---
Location : Various
Status : Dead
Pronunciation : N/A

LOL WITH ANGRY NIDHIKI is a comic written by Angry Nidhiki. Contrary to popular belief, this comic does not fit into the So Unfunny It's Funny category of comics.


Lol With Angry Nidhiki is a series created by the infamous Angry Nidhiki originally to parody the sloppy graphical style of many noobs making comics to post in the Bionicle Artwork III forum of It quickly became an irony in itself, as the klutzy lead characters (twisted versions of the Six original Toa of Mata Nui) were given lines containing intelligent references to history, literature, and pop culture. The original series lasted for three comics, while the follow-up second season made it to a remarkable six comics before again collapsing and stopping dead. The series had a spin-off called "Spitty's Comics" that was meant to have nothing to do with the actual Spitty's Comics by Spitty, but rather to confuse people. It lasted for one comic and died, a stunning record.



A Typical Character

Notable of Lol With Angry Nidhiki is its abundance of cultural references as well as its tendency to misspell everything. Anyone who knows Angry Nidhiki well knows that he is actually a grammar snob in real life and would never be caught making this mistakes in an instant messaging conversation.


"Lol" has inspired other noobish comics such as Pokeonicles by Bostwik, which actually lasted a lot longer than its predecessor. It featured Pokemon and wasn't very good. However, there was one with a Zoobat that was particularly funny. You should look it up.

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