Lord Dogg


Species : Mutant dog
Comics : The Story of Lai,

Lai's City Stories

Kanohi : Dog head
Colors : White, grey, black robes
Element : None
Occupation : Vengeful evil guy
Tools : Ray gun
Location : Lai's apartment
Status : Somewhere
Pronunciation : dog

Lord Canas Dogg is an evil mutant dog who appeares in Lai's City Stories. He is the brother of Lai's dog, Mauthe. His loyal subject, Lord Flear, is also his brother whom he mutated with toxic sludge. In the original Lai's City Stories, he is seeking revenge on Lai for not buying him and buying Mauthe instead. But in the new series of LCS, it's because he got knocked out a window by Lai.

Lord Dogg's name was originally "Darth Dogg", and he appeared in a shortlived film called The League of Comic Villains.


Lord Flear

Mutant dogs

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