Luminox is a Toa of both Light and Shadow, and the leader of his tea in Luminox's Comics. He is based off of the Comic Maker LMX 07



Species : Toa
Comics : Luminox's Comics
Kanohi : Faxon, currently shaped like an Avokhi
Colors : Black and Silver
Element : Light and Shadow
Occupation : Comic maker, Scientist
Tools : Claws, Protosteel razor chain, Cordak Blaster
Location : Ahoradelcine
Status : Alive, in hiding from Hapori Tohu's forces
Pronunciation : lu-MAY-nox


Nothing is known of Luminox's life as a Matoran. All that is known is that he somehow became a shadow Toa. Later, due to an indecent with a Klakk, Luminox regained his light. He formed a team, and went on a mission involving Dark Hunters. He later disbanded the team. For unknown reasons, he later recalled the team to the remote island of Ahoradelcine. His team stayed at an abandoned outpost, thought were driven off shortly after, by Hapori Tohu. He was nearly assasinated by KT09, a character he previously brought in, but was saved by Nyrak. He and his team then fought- and defeated- Hapori Tohu, using their Kaita morphs. However, shortly after the battle, Luminox began to become angrier, even threatening his own creation, Camcorder.


Luminox is normaly calm, almost without emotion. He is also very patient. Howver, recently, he has become darker, and angrier.


As a toa of shadow and light, Luminox can create, absorb, and controll Shadow and Light. He generally uses one of two attacks, "Shadow Inverse", which absorbs incoming attacks, or "Light Incinerator", which is essentially a laser beam more powerful than a shoop-da-whoop. His Faxon allows him to copy Animal powers, like heat resistance or teleporting. He has claws, and somtimes uses a razor sharp chain, or a cordak blaster, as an extra weapon.


Luminox is a PGS in Chath's Studio, where he is more mysterious than ever.

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