Luminox's Comics: Quantam Leap is Luminox's First Movie, and probably the first ever in Xaniskit.


In the middle of the night, Luminox receives a call from Hapori Tohu. Tohu explains that he needs Luminox to investigate a large, aggresive ship floating above BZMetru. At first, Luminox is reluctant to help, as previously Tohu had attacked him, for thinking he was evil. However, Tohu offered to award him a medal, and show he was not evil on TV, if he would help. Luminox agreed. Luminox then woke his team up, bringing them to the hanger. He explained they needed to get to BZMetru, and thus, revealed his newest "Toy", the H-67 Stealth Falcon, a top of the line Battle Helicopter. Piloted by Newtraun, the team took off, and began to face down the ship, reavealed to be belonging to someone named "Lord Mechanis" The team began flying towards the ship, only for Ferran to be shot with a rocket, killing him. Newtraun was also killed, when the helicopter was shot by a rocket. The other four made it onto the ship, only for Karoack to be stabbed, Nyrak to be shot, and Charaun to be devolved into a matoran. Luminox barely escaped with his life. And BZ-Metru fell to Mechanis All for now...


Luminox has revealed that in the movie, most of his characters will die, and he will be getting new ones. He has also said that the movie will revolve around Quantum Mechanics and Time Travel in it's main theme. This is similar to the normal comics, as in it, Genetic Engineering, another Sci-Fi topic, is featured prominently.


The movie is being made with Paint and Windows Movie Maker, with some effects done in Gimp. Music so far is from "Closer to the Truth", though Luminox has written some original peices for the film.The videos are found currently on YouTube.


Part 1

466px|left|Part one

Part 2

thumb|466px|left|Part two

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