MK Comics


Genre : Comedy
Written By : Metrukuta
Current Season : 4
Location/Setting : Either inside Metrukuta's house or in a field that may or may not contain patches of snow.
Main Enemies : Varies from Season
Starting Date : September 5th, 2004
Medium : RZMIK
Status : Comatose State

MK Comics was Metrukuta's original comic series.

Main Characters


The series had a total of four seasons: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta and each one started after the other closed. Each season was uinique to the rest.

Season Alpha

  • Posted: 9/5/04
  • Ended: 6/14/05

Most of the comics had an outdoors-themed background featuring only grass and a simple blue sky. Comics were random and had no defined storyline. There was one recurring character that was never revealed in this series, but was unofficially revealed to be MK's long lost brother, Klinker P. Kuta. Closed due to topic getting out of hand, turning into a chit-chat area.

Bad Guys

Season Beta


The Season Beta Header

  • Posted: 7/15/05
  • Ended: 2/21/06 (topic revival); Initial ending 10/26/05

Unlike Alpha, it's background had an indoors-theme featuring a pale yellow wall and hardwood floors. A large Hapori Tohu head would appear to give MK advice throughout the series which apparently only he could see and hear. MK also had a pet Mahi named King that appeared several times and was the focus of a minor story arc that was cut off when the topic ended. More information to be added.

Bad Guys

  • N/A

Season Gamma

  • Posted: 5/4/06

    The Official MK Comics: γ Logo

  • Ended: 3/20/07; closed 4/2/07

One of the first (if not the fist) comic series to utilize the RZ Revolutions and 3-shade RZ. This series had several Co-authors. There were a few comics that were animated and had two new female characters introduced; Erikah and Harah. Harah always talks backwards, but Erikah insists that it's just the Ko-Matoran accent. More information to be added.

Bad Guys

  • Ranik

Season Delta

  • Posted: 5/1/07
  • Ended: 7/2/07

One of (or possibly the first) series that introduced a new type of comic that allowed the readers to choose what happens next in the series by picking an option shown at the end of each comic. Three options were shown: two reasonable ones followed by a completely absurd and random option. Because the latter would always be chosen, MK decided to make each comic have three reasonable options later in the series, but the series didn't live long enough for that to happen. Despite it's uniqueness, only a few comics were posted and was considered a failure due to the author's procrastination. The series ended before all the characters were even introduced.

It was inspired by a YouTube series called Choose Your Own Tube.

Bad Guys

  • N/A

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