Mahar's Comics


Author(s) : Mahar: Toa of Mangosteen
Current Season : One
Medium : The Chimoru Kit
Island : The Comic Land
Main Enemies : N/A
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : July 2, 2009
Location : The Comic Land
Status : Closed
Pronunciation : N/A

Mahar's Comics is a comic series that began on July 2, 2009 and has since had several comics added to its list. It was created by Mahar and utilizes Chimoru and Rayg.

How it Started

It started when Mahar first met Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen. They got to know each other and soon enough Mahar was offered a place as Toa of Mangosteen by Eljay. Eljay got him into comics by getting him to make Rayg sprites so he could appear in his comics and stories.

Soon after that, Mahar was experimenting with all sorts of comics. He quickly dropped Rayg in favor of Chimoru, but it wasn't long before Rayg sprites came again to haunt Mahar's now Chimoru comics.

The Rayg Land

Mahar landed in the Rayg Land within view of Captain Lolrus, a Rayg Matoran. Mahar was too big for the Rayg Land's panels, so he shrunk himself down to Rayg again. Lolrus took him to the capital city, but was intercepted by Commander Buckit. Lolrus and Mahar were tasked to solve a crime about various BZPower Rayg Members falling down and dying of laughter.

It was because of Cool Dude, a nice guy with a hilarious name. Cool Dude later joined them.

The Battle of Mango-Nui

This was originally called The Mango-Nui Saga but Mahar wisely decided to change it. It is about Mahar, Eljay, and Light Blazer's time in Mango-Nui, and is yet unfinished.


  • Mahar: A St-Matoran in the Comics, but officially a Toa of Mangosteen, Mahar seeks to make his comics unlike others, as is portrayed in Comics 2-4.
  • Ikamu: A Matoran with a green and blue color scheme, Ikamu is one of Mahar's only character and the first one. The original Ikamu was supposed to be a bug, but Mahar scrapped that.
  • Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen: A PGS, appeared in the second comic after being blown out of the kitchen. He GSed Frotoro and Navin when they came to Mahar's Comics.
  • Light Blazer: A PGS that acts as a bodyguard, after Nova went missing.
  • Nova: A blue Ta-Matoran often ridiculed for his color scheme. At odds with Ikamu, he is Legolover-361, Mahar's first PGS.
  • Tana: The Scourge of Male St-Matoran. In love with Nova, and Mahar's sister.
  • Lolrus: A Rayg Matoran who helped Mahar in the Rayg Land.
  • Cool Dude: A Rayg Toa with a hilarious name.


  • Mahar would never have made his comics had it not been for Kahinuva. He was thrilled with his comics, so he made a spritesheet just to GS.

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