Maj Corporation


Location : Earth; primary base underground the Mojave Desert
Comic Series : Generic Quest
Leader : Bionicle Dragon
Goal : Conquest through technological and military advancement
Status : Largely disbanded

The Maj Corporation (also known as MAJCORP, Majcorp, or simply Maj) is a fictional corrupt defense contractor featured in Generic Quest. Its name is taken from that of the former (now, an image hosting site which was down and causing inconveniences for many Generic Quest authors at the time it was introduced into the series. In Generic Quest, MAJCORP was responsible for masterminding much of the malicious activity in the story, as well as briefly imprisoning the protagonists of the series.

While Nid originally came up with the idea for the organization, Dokuma has based the corperation's persona on McLennen-Forster from 24.

The company is now largely inactive due to the incarceration of their president and invasion of their largest base by the military.


  • Pioneering Mars-travel
  • Establishing a military presence on Mars
  • Developing a microchip that couple be implanted in the Crystal of Eyefourgott as a tracking device
  • Being contracted by the United States government (prior to their becoming rogue), establishing a number of military bases globally (including a massive base under the Mojave Desert and a smaller base in downtown Los Angeles)

Known Members

  • Harold Sun (formerly)
  • Bionicle Dragon (formerly)
  • Zonis (formerly)
  • A guard wearing a lime green Noble Komau
  • An agent wearing a cyan Pakari
  • An agent wearing a red Pakari
  • A large number of soldiers, portrayed by stick men.

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