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"Makuta" derives from official BIONICLE canon. For information on on Makuta's role therein, please see this article from the BS01 Wiki.

Makuta, usually referred to as Makuta but later officially named Teridax by the Lego company, is an evil being from the Bionicle universe. He is used as a villain in many series.


In the first season of Heroes, Makuta was the main villain. He hired all the villains to defeat the heroes. He worked alongside a moron named Lil' Timmy who believed Makuta was his father. He also worked with Ruebix Torque.

In the end of the first season it is revealed that all the events that had happened were a training program put on by the Dimensio-Agents to see if the heroes were ready to fight crime in the real world. They were all sent to a new dimension, and Makuta and Lil' Timmy were never seen since.

Lol with Angry Nidhiki

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Livin' the Sprite Life

As LTSL takes place on Mata Nui (even in spite of the recent additions to the Bionicle canon), Makuta is often thought of as a primary antagonist (though the series is virtually free of such conflict). Makuta appears in the comic Makuta for President, in which he announced to Dokuma, Motago, and Aslan his candidacy for the 2004 Presidential Election and trashed his opponent Mata Nui.

Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0

In this comic series, Makuta isn't as much of a villain as he is in his other appearances. Instead, he is the unfortunative relitive to more than 20 cousins. All of whom are extremely dumb.

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