"Where has that hairdryer got to now?" -Veran, apparently disregarding independendent thinking
Makuta Veran


Species : Makuta
Comics : I MADE THIS
Kanohi : Kanohi Terrix, Mask of Fear
Colors : Yellow, Black
Element : Shadows
Occupation : N/A
Tools : Tridax pod
Location : Hapori-Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : VEH-rann

Makuta Veran is one of the four allocated (Although one is dead) Makuta of Hapori Nui. He is Hairdryer's master as of current, although this looks like it won't last long.

Character Overview Edit

Makuta Veran was created around the same time as every other Makuta. His original job consisted of studying genetic material and making sure the quality applied to the Makuta's safety regulations. He once accidentally let loose an acid that dissolved only heated objects (IE: Living things) and killed Makuta Tenerii. The Makuta rebelled some time after that incident, and he was allocated to the Comic land along with three others. Eventually he found a hairdryer and forced the makers of the Toasterbot project to make a Hairdryer model. The newly dubbed 'She' joined Veran in his crimes. At one point he corrupted Tapika into a Shadow matoran. He then re-established contact with a friend ('Joe'). He is currently inspecting the scene of Tohu Tower's attacks by the Silencer.

Appearance Edit


Veran is so awesome, he waits for noone.

Veran is yellow and black. He has a body that has a Tridax pod and Tridax cage fitted in it. He has two long, webbed Dark Spears on the end of his arms, and his 'legs' are webbed wings. Both of these factors allow him to fly.

He resembles Bitil.

Cameos Edit

  • Veran is set to appear in Mercenus Chronicles in a WANTED poster.

Trivia Edit

  • He turned Tapika into a Shadow matoran, but for some reason chose not to power up with him.

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