The Mangosteen Blade is a sword used by Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen

Weapon overview

The Mangosteen Blade is a sword that is made by putting a mangosteen on a Toa tool(s) and charging the users power into it. The user does this by putting a mangosteen on one of his axes and putting the other over it. He then charges is power into it to make the Blade.

Weapon History

The idea was made by a lone OOMN member. He wanted a sword and wanted to make it out of something he had. He found a mangosteen and put it on his tool. He made the Blade, but others were after it. He un-did it, made a tab on how it was made, hid it, and ran off the island.

The sword was then created by Toa Cypres. He made and used the blade for sometime. He later died due to unknown causes and the sword was put out of use.

Eljay found this tab and can make the Blade.

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