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Marsuvees Black is a character in Ted Dekker's award-winning book Showdown.


In Showdown

In Showdown, Black is killed by himself, or actually Billy Rediger's fictional copy of himself. The fictional copy survived until he was supposedly killed by a boy named Samuel, who had died and been brought back to life. Nobody actually knew if he died, because he just disappeared, though it was almost impossible for him not to die.

In Sinner

In the sequel to the sequel of Showdown, Marsuvees Black returns and in the end killed two main characters, Kelly and Katrina, before Billy finally accepted the truth and destroyed Black.

In The Past

It turned out the Black had actually created another fictional version of himself. This version was teleported by Dimentio into another dimension: the Bionicle dimension. Black and Alzak worked together for a while, but was finally slain once and for all by Vahi786.


  • Marsuvees Black has some very extraordinary powers, and loves evil.
  • As it seems, anyone who is not bionicle and comes from another dimension, will be transformed into a Makuta.
  • Marsuvees Black has been known to write many other "fictional" characters into existance using the Books of History. These evil characters have shown up in many other books by Ted Dekker.
  • The stuff about Marsuvees that is in The Past isn't actually what happens in the books.

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