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Clockwise: Blavinoid Marcalium, Unnamed Pakari Nuva Wearer, The Spirit Guide, Sir Evil, Harold Sun, Marvin the Martian

Martians are inhabitants of the planet Mars, and are often seen in protagonist roles in Generic Quest.


Sometimes, if a Martian is "killed" under the correct circumstances, their body may be destroyed by their spirit intact in the form of raw energy. When in this bodliess form, Martians may still communicate with other beings. If struck with Eyefourgott energy, they may convert the energy into matter and form a new body to possess.

It should be noted that this does not mean Martians are immortal (though they do have very long lifespans). Martians do not always survive in the form of energy if they are attacked. If they do, they may be permanently killed by dissolving the energy.

A complete list of their known abilities is as follows:

  • Laser vision
  • Super speed
  • Invulnerability
  • Super strength
  • Flight
  • Absorption/release of energy
  • Surviving destruction of body (under certain cirucmstances) in the form of energy

Personality traits

Though wiped out by the Martian Winter, Martian society was largely peace-loving, strongly believing in basic moral principles such as defending the defenseless and fighting evil in any situation.

Known Martians


Dokuma has based the abilities of Martians off of those of Kryptonians on the show Smallville when exposed to the Yellow Sun.

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