Marty Razor Kirra


BZPower Status : Member
BZPower Comics Wiki Status : Not a Member
Number of Posts (BZP) : 450+
BZP Occupations : Spriting
Commenced Comic Making : 2003
Number of Comics : Few
Pronunciation : Mar-tee Ray-zur Ki-ruh
Location : Earth

Marty Razor Kirra is a BZPower spriter who made the legendary Razor Sprite Kit. His first sprite on BZPower was posted on March 17, 2003. He has recently been busy with life, hence why he rarely visits and updates. He is however supported by many people who sprite extras and help resurrect his recently dying kit.


Razor's First Matoran Sprites

Posted on March 17, 2003 - his join date. All links lost.

Bionicle Hoax

On March 30, 2003 posted on BZP was a "BIONICLE Hoax". It is unknown what it was, due to the Brickshelf link being deleted.

Bohrok Va

After his Bionicle hoax, Razor posted his sprite of a Bohrok Va based on Kohrak Va, which he named Hoa-kare.

Vile Matoran Kit

Razor's next kit was Vile Matoran Kit, a sprite kit based on Rahi Zaku's old Matoran Kit.

Project Redrawn

All links lost, unfortunately.

Razor's Plushie Kit

Razor also made a plushie kit with a great selection of masks for the time. He made it with help from Rahi Zaku, Swert and Twin Matrix. Razor's Mega Plushie Kit can be found here.

Razor Kit

Eventually Razor went to create the eponymous Razor Kit (after posting several previews and working on it) and became a spriting legend. The kit remains one of the most popular ones today, however currently being overshadowed by Chimoru and RZMIK.

He still works on Matoran Projects and posts them when he has time. The most recent one was Matoran Project 5.


A Matoran's War

A Matoran's War was Razor's first series. It was meant to be 50 comics long, but for some reason only a few comics were made (then deleted). It was permanently halted.

A Matoran's War: Pride

A spin-off of AMW was launched June 25, 2003 but never made it, lasting for only 3 comics.

The Doom Chronicles

See also: The Mr. Zimmwad controversy

The Doom Chronicles was Razor's second series. It was intended to last for 6 chapters (each chapter being 20 comics), but never made it, only lasting for 3 comics.

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