Species : Bohrok Kal
Comics : The BZP Three and its second season
Kanohi : None
Colors : Sand Blue
Element : N/A
Occupation : Former- Bohrok Kal servant, Current: N/A
Tools : N/A
Location : The BZP Boarding House
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Mahr-Vihn

Marvin is a character from The BZP Three and its sequel.

Character OverviewEdit

Marvin is a very strange Bohrok Kal. He likes Barbie dolls and enjoys being a super model.

As A Bohrok Kal ServantEdit

Before he came to the BZP Boarding House, He was a good Bohrok Kal Servant. But he was, in secret, a girly guy, often playing with Barbie dolls and watching shows like My Little Pony on his breaks. But Tahnok Kal got a hold of this and threatened to fire him. Marvin begged Tahnok Kal to not tell the others. Tahnok agreed, but only if Marvin did whatever he told him to do for the rest of his life (Which Marvin replied: 'Aren't I already your Servant?'). But for fifteen years, Both Tahnok and Marvin got to know each other better and became best friends (Tahnok also revealed that he had a Girly side too). One day however, Tahnok accidentally told the other Bohrok Kal about Marvin's (and Tahnok's) secret. Both of them got canned and were banned from the Brotherhood of Makuta altogether.

At The BZP Three Boarding HouseEdit

Both Tahnok and Marvin, homeless, penniless and with no one wanting them. Found Nuparurocks, who offered them shelter and a second chance. Unfortunately, Tahnok was killed the first day he was there by Squeaky and her dynamite. Marvin was saddened by Tahnok's death. But over time he got to know most of the cast. Especially Squeaky.

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