Marvin the Martian


Species : Martian
Comics : Generic Quest
Kanohi : None
Colors : Green, Red, White
Element : Natural Martian superpowers
Occupation : Ultra-Destructive Crystal Fanatic, Last Brigade member, traitor
Tools : Water/Laser Gun
Location : Mars
Status : Deceased‎
Pronunciation : N/A

Marvin the Martian was a member of the Last Brigade in the series Generic Quest.


Marvin's origins prior to season one of Generic Quest are unknown.

When Marvin found the legendary Crystal of Eyefourgott on his homeplanet of Mars, he became greedy and stole it for himself, hiding it in an underground chamber. At some point thereafter, he became trapped in the pocket dimension lair of Majcorp chair Harold Sun. When Dokuma was mysteriously teleported to this realm after retrieving the Eyefourgott, Marvin battled him and was defeated.

Shortly after Majcorp's invasion of Mars, Marvin resurfaced, seeking vengeance against Dokuma. When Dokuma used some of the Crystal's positive energies to destroy the planet, Marvin was killed.

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