Master Darman


Species : Toa Mercenarie
Comics : Project Nothing, Unnamed MAS
Kanohi : Black Miru Nuva-shaped Mask of Teleportation; Anti - White Kakama-shaped Huna
Colors : Yellow-Gold, Black; Anti - Dark Orange, White
Element : Electricity
Occupation : Mercenarie
Tools : Hidden Wrist Blades
Pronunciation : DAHR-men

Darman has gone through a major transformation over the year, and he has finally settled with his self.

In Comics

Darman has guest starred in several comic series, but not major parts.

Tropical Comics

In the series Tropical Comics, Darman has the power of teleportation with his mask, but it never worked out the way he wanted it to. By some mistake, he also dragged Dramatic Chipmunk along with him, when he accidently teleported to Laciport Isle. The teleportation caused a rip in the space-time-continuum, allowing other characters to escape from a void they were trapped in.


As Project Nothing is being revamped, he will finally be able to develop his character. It takes place after he leaves Laciport.



Darman is a cheerful guy, but can be serious. He often won't shut up, and has earned the nickname "Mouthy Mercenarie".

But when he is angered, or his friends are endangered, he will change into Anti-Darman, or Takanon. In this state, he isn't as cheerful, and is the "Mouthless Merc", due to the fact he doesn't speak.



Darman is a Toa of Electricity, but he rarely uses his electric powers. His mask is a Miru Nuva-shaped Mask of Teleportation, allowing him to teleport anywhere he chooses. It isn't always succesful, as seen in Tropical Comics. In Anti-Form, his Kakama-shaped Huna allows him to turn invisible, greatly increasing his stealth.

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