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Melek Reyn


Species : Matoran
Comics : BZ-Guards (comic series)
Kanohi : Great Pakari
Colors : Black and Dark Grey
Element : Earth
Occupation : BZ-Guard General
Tools : Standard array of BZ-Guard weapons
Location : Hapori-Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Meh-luk Ry-Ehn

Melek Reyn was a BZ-Guard general and secondary protagonist in BZ-Guards.He often gives the comic "Comic relief",but is shown to have the capability to safely land a crashing Airship.



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In the array of the events in BZ-Guards,Reyn helped Maximilian Veers uncover Visor Incorporated.

Reyn was driving an Airship over Tohu-Metru when 2 Mysterious craft assaulted them.Reyn was shown to have the capabilty to safely land the craft in a patch of grass.

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