Species : Matoran
Comics : Super Splendid Mart, ~V.2~
Kanohi : Miru
Colors : White, black (Dr. Meraceire), Light blue, darker blue, grey (Merriment)
Element : Gravity
Occupation : Comic maker, Photoshopper
Tools : Kinetic Ice Swords
Location : Aroughs Nui, Comic Land, Travelling
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Mare-uh-Key-Air-A

Meraceire is a co author a few series, most notably ~V.2~. He also co-authored in FireEmblem's new comic series, Flaming Comics, and was aiming to start another MAS, War, along with Gatotak and Ontez, which sadly did not launch. He also was planning on creating a SAS called Meracomics, using his name as the title. However, sinc the school term started, he has been busy with schoolwork.

The program he uses for the comics he makes is Photoshop, and he recolors his sprites in GIMP. He resizes sprites using Graphic Converter. His name is a play on his old name, which was simply the word, "Merriment".

He is currently a co-author for Super Splendid Mart, O Rly?, and Paper Cuts.

Early Comic Making

The first series Meraceire headed, Offside 1.0, was his first attempt at an MAS (the other authors would not be fired, nor any members other than the ones already on staff would come on), and did not live as long as he had hoped. Meraceire was at that point Merriment, and included a light blue color scheme.


He was the only one who provided comics for the series, because of the fact the sprites he gave his co authors did not work, apparently. Mainly due to this, the topic died, and Merriment then took a break from comic making, to return later with his application to ~V.2~.

Dr. Meraceire

Feud with Venom

Meraceire is notorious for his feud with Venom about his birthday comic, in which Mera made a deal with Venom to make half of his birthday comic, so he himself can make the other half.

People thought that he was being too hard on him, however Venom claims it turned out that Mera was just twisting things to go his way. He agreed with Venom to do it, the comic was only 2 panels and such.

Mera and Venom still fight to this day, hence why ~V.3~ will not include any co-authors, at all..

However, Meraceire still maintains that Venom was in the wrong, and that he really should stop being "a jerk".

Present Career

Meraceire now works with Mr. Maniac, Nuparurocks, and Xanis on the two series Super Splendid Mart and Paper Cuts, and is an author on the new MAS, O Rly? He hopes to expand his horizons, and perhaps start posting his creations in BBC.

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