Meta Sword


Comics : Blade Titan974's Comics
Type of Weapon : Sword
Main colour : Various
Power : Unknown
Size : Medium
Usage : Unknown (Other then slicing)
Status : Resting in the Jungle
Pronunciation : MEH-tuh Sword

The Meta Sword is a weapon of extreme power in Blade Titan974's Comics.


The Meta Sword was the sword of a mighty warrior who fought the "great evil". The "great evil" was then defeated, but the warrior himself/herself disappeared. The Meta Sword still remained, however, part of the "great evil's" power was absorbed into the Meta Sword, causing an alternate form to appear called the Meta Edge.


The Meta Sword is hidden deep in the Jungle. There are three keys that can unlock the chamber, one in Ko-Meta, one in Ta-Meta, and one in Ga-Meta.


Unknown, but very powerful.


The Meta Sword is quite heavily featured in Blade Titan974's Comics, even having a saga "Quest for the Meta Sword" named after it.

The Meta Sword is also featured in a saga by Blade taking place in an alternate dimension in Gavla's Comics in which Shadow Gali took over the universe. The saga takes place far into the future long after the Quest for the Meta Sword. It appears that the quest has succeeded, since Blade's primary weapon in the saga is the Meta Sword.


  • The Meta Sword is quite possibly based off the Soul Calibur/Soul Edge of the Soul Calibur fighting series.

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