Mole, oddly enough, is not a Po-Matoran. It is said he is a Matoran of Sonics who grew up on an island of sound. Not long after he turned 15, his island was attacked by the Sytra army. Shortly after the island's downfall Mole joined the 1st matoran movement, a small fleet of boats full of homeless Matoran. After many years of travel the ships found an old island. This island became Sy-Nui. Mole had a different look back then, but after the betrayal of the island he disappeared.


As a Matoran of Sonics, every word he says is a sonic boom. That is why he has never said a word ever since he was mutated into a Sytra sonic matoran. Because of this change the first word he said killed his neighbor.


Mole, even though he never talks, is a very kind being. He loves to make things though sometimes his ideas lead to someone being blasted in some form.


  • Mole originally had his eyes sticking out of his head.
  • Mole in the hand drawn comics worked for the Army of Darkness.
  • He destroyed half of the Dooms Comics studio with chocolate milk and being forced to speak.
  • Mole is an old friend of Kohan and Stealth Hunter575.
  • NEVER EVER NEVER EVER eat the baked beans that he makes. NEVER.

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