Molten Protodermis Corporation
Headquarters : Various; primarily a foundry on the coastal edges of Ta-Metru.
Leader : Tarase
Purpose : Business - selling energized protodermis to customers, in some places illegally
Allies : None
Enemies : None, but have conflicted with their former Lith-Nuian department, the Vortixx and the Turaga of Metru Nui.
Status : Active
Comics : Dovydas's Comics 4.0 - Someone's Gonna Pay
Location : The whole of the Matoran Universe.

The Molten Protodermis Corporation, sometimes abbreviated as the MPC, is a company in Dovydas's Comics 4.0 - Someone's Gonna Pay that has so far only briefly appeared in a single comic, with only one of their members - the leader Tarase.


The MPC was founded when a group of similar-minded individuals banded together to find a useful use for molten protodermis. The group was widely known for it's involvings with the criminal fraternity (and Makuta), assassinations within the group (Tarase killed three prior presidents before becoming one himself), being banned in Xia, Stelt and Zakaz, conflicts with the Turaga (they wished that the MPC would stop their pointless projects) and selfishness that lead to the disbandement of the Lith-Nuian department.


There is a department in some of the more populated areas of the Matoran Universe, but some do not have heads and some do. Those that don't answer to the President directly - those that do answer through their Department Heads.

In a whole, the number of workers serving under the MPC could range from 500 to 12,000, but in official numbers, there are only 19 - the ones that have marked themselves enough, one of them being the President (Tarase), and eight others - department heads. Among the lesser workers, they are known as the Noob Nineteen. Before Tarase's violent ascent to power, which left five members incapacitated and six killed, there were 30 of this group.


There is only one present member known at this point, and one that was a member in the past has been mentioned (though not his name):

  • Tarase (the present leader of the organization)
  • The Lith-Nuian department head (was mentioned in Comic Seven)

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