Species : Toa
Comics : The Unknown Turaga Saga
Kanohi : Infected Hau
Colors : Black, Red
Element : Shadow, Earth
Occupation : Lieutentant
Tools : None
Location : Mata Nui
Status : Deceased, absorbed by Teridax
Pronunciation : more-koo-vah

Morkuva, a Toa of Earth corrupted by the Brotherhood of Makuta, was one of Makuta Teridax's four lieutenants in his war on Turaga Dlakii.


Much of Morkuva's past is a mystery. It is thought that he was the last surviving member of a Toa team, who was captured by the Brotherhood of Makuta. In an experiment not unlike that which transformed Chya, Morkuva was warped into being a servant of the Brotherhood; unlike Chya, he retained his old powers and gained new ones.

Some centuries later, Makuta Teridax was defeated by Toa Takanuva, splitting into two entities; the one in question was a clone spawned from excess antidermis and shattered Makuta armour. Requiring an army to bring down Turaga Dlakii, Teridax created a vast horde of Shadow Rahkshi and appointed Morkuva as one of the army's four leaders, along with Lyrrahk, Noir and Muntauce. Against the wishes of Teridax, Morkuva initially led a fleet of Shadow Rahkshi out to the seas of the Endless Ocean in pursuit of Dlakii in the pirate ship Crackpot. He was intercepted by an irritable Lyrrahk, who sent him back to their as-yet unnamed lair while he took command.

On the island of Mata Nui, Morkuva was instructed to lead one last stand against Dlakii's army. He and another Shadow Rahkshi army teleported into a cavern network unearthed by Dreiken and iKKF as they worked to gain access to Metru Nui, and a battle ensued. During the fight, Morkuva was isolated from his army by Thekoo, but he quickly overwhelmed the Toa of Lightning, leaving him hanging from a stalactite over a seemingly-endless pit. After a brief debate with Thekoo, he used blasts of darkness to shatter the stalactite, sending Thekoo plunging down.

Making the mistake of gloating over his victory, Morkuva was temporarily paralysed with a well-placed spinal tap from DudeNuva and immobilised while Dlakii used some of his spare power to increase that of Thekoo. Thekoo emerged from the pit, now with wings, and unleashed an electric barrage, mortally wounding Morkuva. Teridax's voice echoes in the cavern, informing Morkuva that he had served his purpose. Morkuva was then absorbed by Teridax, dying instantly; as he was absorbed, he begged for his life.


Morkuva commanded two different powers. He still possessed his power over earth, his old Toa element, but this was augmented with powers over darkness. He relied solely on these powers, carrying no other weapons save for his Kanohi Hau.


Morkuva was extremely arrogant and self-absorbed, thinking he was superior to all others.


"I am Morkuva, Makuta's finest general! You are just a bunch of corpses that do not know that you are dead!"
-Teridax, as he kills Morkuva


  • Personality-wise, Morkuva was based on the antagonistic Narshen from Fire Emblem: Fuuin No Tsurugi (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade); his famous catchphrase (see above) was based on that of Valter from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

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