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Motago is a BZPower member best known for his animated series The Motago Show. He is also a co-author (formerly a Permanent Guest Star) in Livin' the Sprite Life and a close friend of BZPower members Dokuma and Ta-metru_defender.


Motago joined BZPower on February 25, 2004 and started off by making a few drawings and some pixel art gaining a little recognition. Later, he made a short Halloween-themed cartoon using Razor sprites. Later, he made the first episode of The Motago Show which was meant as a fan cartoon for Livin' the Sprite Life. Later, another episode was posted starring Ultimate Guurahk.

On April 2, 2005 The Motago Show finally became an official series and one of (if not the first) animated comic series on BZPower. It gained several notable guest stars and was well received for its humor. A notable guest star was Varaka, back then known as -Vahki Commander-. Later on June 6, 2005 Motalo: Humor Evolved was started as a spin-off of The Motago Show. It wasn't successful as an individual topic, but was later merged in the original.

The Motago Show was closed on March 6, 2006 due to topic revival. Motago later took a hiatus from comics and BZP before restarting The Motago Show a little over two years later on April 11, 2008 which was essentially a repost of the old Motago Show with one new episode guest starring Willis. It featured smoother animation and effects such as motion blur. It was sadly, unsuccessful.

Later on Dokuma hired Motago for Livin' the Sprite Life: Deuce.

Character Traits

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