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A non-rotational multi-author series (or simply a coauthored series), while older than the concept of a rotational multi-author series, is significantly rarer nowadays since the advent of Project Klinkerpoop. It is a series where multiple authors post comics in no set rotation and may or may not follow a set storyline. Several varieties of this exist.

The first non-rotational multi-author series was Psycho Dogs and Carbonated Beverages.

List form

In this type of series, the topic starter simply makes separate lists for the comics of each author. Examples of this include Livin' the Sprite Life and Project Llol. No storyline is followed.


In this series, the writers follow no set rotation or order. All the comics are posted as a single list, and generally a continuous plot is followed. Examples of this include Randamonium and Exo's Comics.

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