Species : Matoran
Comics : Nuparurocks' Comics
Kanohi : Hau Nuva
Colors : Red, Grey and yellow
Element : N/A
Occupation : Nuparurocks' Rival
Tools : N/A
Location : NR's House
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Mee-Ahr-Tee

Myarti is a main character in both seasons of Nuparurocks` Comics.

Character Overview

Myarti is Nuparurocks' rival. He doesn't like NR, but he isn't his enemy. He also has a crush on Linnea.


Two-Shade Myarti.

Many people (including NR) consider Myarti to be NR's breakout character. NR thoroughly dislikes the comic cliché of "villain" (e.g., Sir Pickles) and has never actually had one in his comics. (In The BZP Three, he used Squeaky, a dynamite enthusiast as his comic foil.) Therefore, NR created Myarti as a rival rather than a villain. Myarti fights NR in an effort to neverendingly top him with outrageous achievments, post counts, guest star appearances and girl attraction. His main goal in life is to win Linnea's heart, stealing her from NR. Linnea finds him to be incredibly sexist and annoying. He is not attracted to Atoma, but she, as stated in a recent Sunday strip, finds him to be a "Huge Hunk of Hotness".


  • Although some people think Myarti is NR's enemy, he is, in fact, just his rival.
  • Myarti was a member on BZPower, but got himself banned after one post (although he claims to have had 8,000 posts).
  • He has also tried to GS in NR's comics, ignoring the fact that he is a character. He claims that this gets ladies.
  • Although he looks like them, Myarti is not related to either Tahu Nuva or Teratu.
  • Myarti's name sounds suspiciously like Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes' worst enemy.

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