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THE RANGERS-CORE drops 7-16-2012

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"Every child has dreamed of being a Super Hero, the difference is SUPER SMASH COMIXZ takes on the REAL villains," said AEYLIAS LOPEZ & AMALY LOPEZ, CEOS of SUPER SMASH. "KIDS know what's going on-adults just don't give them credit; KONY & DARFUR top my list. I'm PROUD of George Clooney for getting arrested for Darfur and LADY GAGA's zero tolerance for bullies. They GAINED a new ally in their fight. Comics need to stop skirmishing with imaginary enemies and predominantly pretend emergencies. There's too many genuine circumstance that need to be talked about. It's inhumane to ignore them." Inhabitants of Earth open the Pandora's Box to THE UNIVERSE. Worse THE RANGERS are saddled with the unpopular idea that heroes seldom prevail and its your mission to rise up against impossible odds. The Rangers are the real world, African, Latinos & Asian & Indians. There's THE BIG BANG MACHINE, HYPER NOVAS & THE PLANET X -all real. With the backdrop of THE RANGER-CORE having nano-technology suits from The Lost Dimension and have incredible and fun powers facing down foes that would make comic book villains cringe-perhaps even faint. This book is NOT for everyone and lends itself to thinkers & those that are socially aware. The owner is a 9yr old disabled boy; "My birth defects aren't limitations; I have been going to Rancho Los Amigos for rehab. Stacy and Katie from Muscular Dystrophy Association referred me. Hangar Orthotics of L A is helping me get my complicated leg braces-I'm SO lucky people care! I was born with a condition that doesn't allow me to keep my feet or hips in line-so it's a pain in the butt to run --I fall too much. I already had BULLYING issues at 2 separate schools-the adults were just DREADFUL at handling. I personally have had it with bullies-they are toast and so are the adults that stand by and do nothing."

I've been through a lot in the last year--but as The Rangers forge ahead I go with them.

The books colorful and full of what I call "still motion graphics", to do the art in such a way that it looks like it's moving and A LOT of onomatopoeia. The RANGERS-CORE RPG game is currently sold out. The book official releases is July 16, 2012, and is distributed by SUPER SMASH COMIXS and retailers and I'm TRYING to get in the San Diego Comic Con this July 12, 2012. SUPER SMASH COMIXZ

Mirsha Lopez

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