NX 09's Comics


Author(s) : NX 09
Current Season : 4.5
Medium : I Can't Believe It's Not Chimoru, Currently
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : None
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : March 17, 2010 (Latest)
Location : Various
Status : Active
Pronunciation : N/A

NX 09's Comics, formerly known as Nokamaxgain9's Comics refers to four comic series created by Nokamaxgain9, currently "NX 09." The comics are currently on their fourth season, as of March 2010. They are set both outside and in NX09's studio.


Season One

The comics were first started on April 17, 2008, as "Nokamaxgain9's Comics." There were a total of twenty-three comics made in this season. In the end, the comics were ended by NX 09 when she decided that they were unsuccessful. There are only three posts in the topic currently, the rest were lost. Nevertheless, she did gain recognition from comic makers such as Gavla and Nuparurocks.

Season Two

The second season of the comics was started on March 17, 2009. It utilized the original Chimoru Omega kit. This season had a total of twenty five comics before it was abandoned by the author.

Season Three

Season three of the comics was started on April 16, 2009. This season used multiple kits, such as the Rayg Kit, Chimoru Omega, Xaniskit, and the Vortex Kit. There were a total of twenty-six comics made for this season, and the topic finished with six pages of replies. The comics were generally short and were in more of a comic strip manner. The "Funny Bone" moniker was used for this season and it ended with a special saga entitled "The Rift".


The Original Season Four Header

Season Four


The original iteration of the fourth season was started on September 2, 2009. It used Xaniskit and gathered three pages of replies before it was abandoned, and later revived. It was plot-based.

Season 4.5

After the first season four topic was closed, NX 09 started a new topic for the comics, on March 17, 2009. It uses toaster1's I Can't Believe It's Not Chimoru! kit. There are currently seven comics in this topic, with two pages of replies.


The current characters in the comics are as follows:

  • NX 09 The Author
  • Captain Makili The Evil Guy
  • Frank The Mail Man
  • Mr. Fishes The Pyro
  • V The Crazy Goth Girl
  • Chrome The Quiet, Stange Agent
  • Mr. Face [No Description]
  • Skull and Bones Former Warlords
  • VX 09, MX 09, OX 09, NUX 09, WX 09 Shadow Matoran

Permanent Guest Stars

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