Erbys in his regular form.

Nega Sybre; though having other nicknames like Erbys, Anti-Sybre, Flipsyb, Nes, or Neggy Sybie; is the anti version of Sybre, posing as the main villain of SybreNetX. He has his own comics, but wants to destroy all of the other comic series so he is the only game in BZPower.


  • Sybre had already come up with a Nega Sybre long before SybreNetX
  • Sybre had once built a Nega Sybre MOC but had eventually taken it apart. For now. It was made from a Skrallhead; helmet and all, Solek'sarms and legs; sans hands and feet, and had black hands along with Shadow Matoranfeet and torso; the one with the big shoulders.

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