A Neo Shifter in it's natural habitat, Blank Space Zone Act 3. Not to be confused with Meatspace.

Neo-Shifters are savage beings from another toyline dimension. They work out for breakfast, fight for lunch, and dinner... Well, you gotta eat sometime. They run on Hydrogen. They also have Pod Slaves. The Pod Slaves aren't as savage- they are mindless- but they will do anything their Neo-Shifter wants them to do. In Toaster's Island they are the Secondary Villans. They are infected with the Fuse Virus there.


Bradack Legend

Chap.12, The Gospel of Ambulon, p132

In a land filled with peace

Came a mountain of beasts

From the Brad's Head

There is no stopping them

We tried

So we hide

Until The Glass Man comes

And saves us

And puts the beasts into Head

But the Glass Man did sleep now

And with nothing to stop them

The beasts did return

And destroy.


  • Tapika chose these beings to be in IMT because he wanted the most hated base for the savage monsters of Bread Nui and thought the Neo-Shifters looked rather cool in that retrospect.

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