Neon Eljay

A Neon Form is a more powerful form of a being created as a result of radiation. The idea for the Neon Form was created by BZPower member Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen.


Holders of a Neon Form bear the same mask, yet the bottom being black, and top being the color of the holders arms and legs. The body, hands, and feet are black as well. Holders of the form, when they get the hang of it, bear a black cape. While the holders power level increases, he/she can not use the power of radiation, but can use there normal power. The Neon Form is at a power level as high of a Toa Nuva, but it is not as durable as a Toa Nuva.

Known Neon Forms

Eljay's Neon Form

Eljay got his Neon Form when Moonshadow put a cellphone up to his ear. His mask, scared from the intense radiation coming off the cellphone, reacted by shocking Eljay to move. The radiation got intertwined with the shock, going through Eljay's body. The radiation built up in his body, making his armor change and power level go up. Hence the Neon Form. He later put on a black cape after learning to control his form and change back to his normal form.

Speeder's Neon Form

Right before the battle with VC, who was being controlled, Eljay gave off some of his Neon power to Speeder. When Speeder got the hang of it, he was given a black cape.

Bizzaro Eljay's Neon Form

Bizzaro Eljay came into contact with pure Mannomistri and transformed into his neon form, The Puppeteer.

Windewa's Neon Form

Windewa was walking near a nuclear power plant at an unknown location. He fell into a hole near the plant which at the bottom had a vat of nuclear power. Hence the Neon Form. He as well got a black cape, but it is unknown how.


  • Eljay has not said publicly how he, Speeder, and Windewa got there Neon Forms except here on the wiki.
  • Tapika came up with this neat explanation how Bizzaro Eljay turned into The Puppeteer on BZP, then lost it to a busy server. Damnination.
  • It is unknown if Bizzaro Eljay has a black cape.
  • In The Comics of the Morons, Sharnak once used a large canister of Nuclear waste to try to get a Neon Form. It failed, resulting in him getting cancer.

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