"Do you know what this means!? That's right, kids! I now have yet another excuse to shamelessly plug myself."
— Ddude after joining the NGC

The Next Generation Continuity, or the NGC, was originally two separate continuities: the NGC, founded by Shadonix, and MANGA, (Multi Author Next Generation Artwork) founded by Darcsyde. The two later merged into one, although MANGA is actually still in the development stage.


The NGC began as an idea in Shadonix's mind. He eventually asked Biocryptid21 what he thought, and Biocryptid joined. Shadonix then proceeded to ask LNU, Shadix and Darcsyde if they wanted to join, and Darcsyde told Shadonix about MANGA. They decided to merge the two together under a slightly less misleading name than MANGA, and Shadonix asked Bioniclechronicler to join, as Darcsyde planned to recruit him for MANGA anyway. Bioniclechronicler has given no response as of yet, and Shadix declined because of his school workload. Much later, Gatotak asked to join and got in.

Current Members

Founding Members

  • Shadonix (co-founder)
  • Darcsyde (co-founder)
  • LNU
  • Biocryptid21

Other Original Members

  • Legolover-361
  • Garda
  • Autodude Dragon (former)
  • Toa Spirit
  • Ddude the Insane
  • Gatotak
  • Kohu
  • Project X Mark I

Later Members

Comic Series

Solo Series

  • Supernova Comics by Legolover-361
  • Krcomics by Autodude Dragon
  • Walking with a Ghost (upcoming) by Garda
  • The Asylum by Ddude the Insane
  • iGat XP (upcoming as well) by Gatotak
  • Messing with History (upcoming) by Biocryptid21
  • K.A.A.S. Return (upcoming) by Kohu
  • Ah, You're Just In Time For This Llama by Toa Spirit
  • Project X ComiX by Project X Mark I
  • Twinsanity by Argaraffe
  • Mall Patrol by WVUFan
  • Mega(n51's) Comics by Megan51
  • The Many Comics of Terton the Many by Terton
  • Imagenatory by Calvirick
  • Garda's Past (upcoming) by Garda



  • Wiki-Nui
  • BZ-Metru
  • The Comic Land
  • Nuvu Nui
  • Shakrai Isle

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