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Genre : Multi-Author Rotational
Written By : Gavla, Turaga Dlakii, Gerlicky, Bladeran, Taka Nuvia, Johnuva, Kortu
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : New Aukini
Main Enemies : None So Far
Starting Date : October 31, 2009
Medium : Xaniskit
Status : Active
"To be honest, it's been ages since I've enjoyed planning a comic series so much. This is basically the biggest thing I've done in Artwork III since The Unknown Turaga Saga. And believe me, even if it doesn't ultimately achieve my vision for the series, it'll still undoubtedly be very much unlike anything you've ever seen before. That, I promise."
— Turaga Dlakii

NightOwls is a rotational multi-author comic series led by Gavla and Turaga Dlakii. Intended as a much darker and edgier series than the norm, the series' Halloween 2009 release was preluded with a mysterious banner campaign designed to pique curiosity as to the series. The campaign evidently worked, with the series raking in much commentary and near-unanimous acclaim upon release.

Plot & Setting

The story takes place in New Aukini, a city plagued by crime. With the police failing to put a stop to the crime wave, a band of vigilantes known as the NightOwls have taken matters into their own hands. Led by the bloodthirsty Gavla von Gavilan, the NightOwls are a team of four warriors possessed by dark powers who actively track and kill criminals.

The powers that be of New Aukini, however, misconstrue their actions as unprovoked attacks upon the citizenry. Left with no options, the mayor of New Aukini hires the supernatural hunter Dlakii to track down and slay the creatures, granting him access to whatever public services he may require for the task. Assembling a small team, Dlakii begins his work, and a game of citywide cat-and-mouse ensues...


The NightOwls

The Hunters

The Mob


Character Description
Gavla von Gavilan The leader of the Night Owls, Gavla seems to have a lust for combat. Has a mysterious past.
Gerlicky A natural brawler, Gerlicky has a deep hatred toward everyone. Has a very high IQ.
Takanvia Though hesitant and questionable toward their actions, Taka is a loyal member of the Night Owls
Zippy A Witch-Toa who, despite her happy attitude, is very violent in battle.
Dlakii The leader of the hunters, Dlakii is an experienced supernaturalist with a no-nonsense approach.
Bladeran An inexperienced, yet talented police officer hired onto Dlakii's team. Pretty much the exact opposite of Dlakii.
Johnuva A good-mannered police officer with some experience in fighting, hired onto Dlakii's team.
Inferna The police force's weaponsmith, on loan to Dlakii's team. Honest, sassy, and hot tempered.


On September 19, Gavla posted a blog entry which showed a picture of him, Taka Nuvia, and Chané with wings and dark armor, which was made by Destr. Turaga Dlakii is quoted as saying "You player. Heh, throw me in there and BOOM - instant MAS potential." Blade Titan974 and Gerlicky volunteered to join shortly afterward. From here, a lengthy series of PM conversations between the various authors ensued, discussing potential authors, plot, and other aspects of the series.

The original author lineup was much the same, the only difference being that Johnuva was not involved, while Chané was. This soon changed, as Chané chose to leave the series for reasons unknown even to the rest of the authors, and Johnuva was recruited to take her place.

The series' release was preluded with a set of seven banners on BZPower, each depicting one of the eight main characters aside from Zippy, in addition to the series' logo obscured by the word "SOON" and the respective character's name. The banners were the sole constituents of an unusual advertising campaign designed to pique curiosity and generate hype as to the series. It appeared to work to some extent; Dlakii received numerous messages requesting Permanent Guest Star roles in the series weeks before the release, all of which were denied. On October 31, 2009, the series launched; the release date was deliberate, based on the correlation between the mutual dark natures of the date and the series.


  • Rather than making sprite comics, Taka Nuvia's comics are hand-drawn.
  • Bladeran is currently writing a book version of the beginning of NightOwls.

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