Nocomicitis is a fictional term describing a long period of time in which a comic maker has not made a comic. It goes by other names, such as "Comic Maker's Block" and "Comic Maker's Syndrome". The word has also been spelled as "Nocomicitus" in some comic series, although "Nocomicitis" is accepted as the official spelling.

This is different than an "abandoned series" as the comic maker is still interested in continuing the series, but hasn't made a comic in a while.


The term originated in Blade Titan974's Comics, first suggested by Chath. It was later referenced in one of Kahinuva's Co-Author Comics, in which he spread Nocomicitis to many comic makers. It has seen some frequent use since then.


Nocomicitis is dissimilar to "Writer's Block" and applies mostly only to comic makers. In "Writer's Block", the writer of any type of fiction is unable to come up with an idea to work with. However, most Nocomicitis cases have a case in which the comic maker, although having an idea, is unable to start or continue making a comic. While this can mostly be attributed to laziness, other causes include computer viruses, nonfunctional programs, deleted files, or real life itself.

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