Species : Unknown
Comics : The Unknown Turaga Saga
Kanohi : Infected Hau Nuva
Colors : Black
Element : Unknown
Occupation : Lieutentant
Tools : None
Location : Mata Nui
Status : Presumably deceased
Pronunciation : n'wah

Noir was one of the lieutenants of Makuta Teridax in his campaign against Turaga Dlakii.


Interestingly, almost nothing is known about Noir prior to the events of The Unknown Turaga. However he came into being, his existence was first revealed subsequent to the fall of Makuta Teridax at the hands of Toa Takanuva.

When Teridax fell, he split into two entities, the lesser of which unleashing a chain of events which led to Turaga Dlakii supposedly hunting him. In response, he mobilised his newly-created army of generic Shadow Rahkshi, led by four warriors: Noir, Morkuva, Lyrrahk and Muntauce.

Unlike the other three warriors, Noir always stayed to the shadows, never actually doing anything. Indeed, he appeared to remain at Teridax's side constantly and near permanently; as a result, by the end of The Unknown Turaga, Noir was still alive. Most likely, he will be killed in The Unknown Turaga: Ultimatum at Mangaia, though how remains to be seen.


  • Turaga Dlakii has hinted that Noir will play a much larger role in The Unknown Turaga: Ultimatum at Mangaia.
  • Noir's name derives from noir, the French word for "black".
  • Logically, given how each of Dlakii's accomplices except for Lai destroyed Makuta's other lieutenants, it is likely that Lai was/will be responsible for Noir's demise.

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