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Nokamaxgain9 And Gavlas' Comics were started on 18th December 2008, they were pre-organized and already have several comics.

These comics were planed, thought up, and created by Gavla and Nokamaxgain9. Gavla chose NXG9 to join him in comics because she has high skill and very funny humor.

The topic has now been lost due to a server crash.

The Comics

1st Day! ~ Made by Gavla

Thats not funny~ Made by NXG9

Super Burp~ Made by NXG9

Spritemas Tree~ Made by NXG9

Freezo Freezes the characters and noobs go's wild~ Made by Gavla

Saga Comics


GS comics

-None yet-

To GS please send a Vortex sprite of your self and the fallowing info~

  • 1. Name
  • 2. Personality
  • 3. powers if any
  • 4. Extra info


  • Vaderan for the kit
  • Krelsin for the Metru body
  • Zakitano for the Mahiki
  • Nuparurocks for backgrounds
  • Dark709 for some props

External Links

BZPower page (lost)

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