The Noob Dimension, sometimes called the N00b Dimension or the Noobiverse, is an dimension in which all comic makers and characters are Noobs.


Comic Land: Where all the Noobs live.


Kahinooba (Noob Kahinuva)

Kahinooba had his own studio and tried to make comics, but locked himself inside. The "real" Kahinuva then appeared in the Noob Dimension after being sent there by the Couch Potato Entity and Kahinooba erased Kahinuva's torso. However, Kahinuva's torso was returned to him by an unknown entity. Kahinooba was then blasted out of his studio by Gurky.

Gurky (Noob Gerlicky)

Gurky is a resourceful noob that can get almost anything you need. However, he follows the Law of the Comic Land quite devotedly.

Dlakk (Noob Turaga Dlakii)

Dlakk is a Turaga who has his six year Olmak. He also is a devote follower of the Law of the Comic Land.

Filbur Flaexs (Noob Philbert)

Filbur was a noob on the Noob Dimension. However, the actual Philbert appeared when Filbur tried to use his author powers. Philbert then took Filbur into his own dimension and to the Asylum for the Criminally Noobish, Happy Spammers.

The Law of the Comic Land

The Law of the Comic Land is simple: you must pledge allegiance to Dark709 and agree that he is the greatest comic maker ever. If you do not, you will be tortured to death.


The Noob Dimension was first seen in TCTMOMNBMBIP: Remade, but was officially introduced in Live, Learn and Lawsuits. It has addditionally been used as the main location of Noob War.

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