Noob Island is a location near The Comic Land.

Noob Island, North of the Comic Land

Location Overview

Noob Island is where all Noobs live, they hate it very much living there. But they rarely escape because BZ-Guards, the armed and dangerous, comic makers, extremely crazy people, smart people and a whole ton of other obstacles are in their way. There have been breakouts, but have usually ended in running away from almost everyone.


Noob Island was founded when it was revealed that there were too many of them to live with. Plus they kept getting their hands all over things they shouldn't have touched and annoying everybody with their language. Because of this, a couple of BZGuards found an island and decided to populate it with the Noob. Everyone in the Comic Land was beyond happy. The Noobs on the other hand, disliked it. Being forced into a prison where they had no freedom at all.

Present Years

Noob Island is now home to over 2.5 Million Noobs. There have been many improvements to the prison since it's opening, including 15 Bathrooms, 1,000 Bedrooms, a mess hall, a Woodshop and many more. There have also been breakouts, but usually end before the Noobs can do to much damage.

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