Noobs (also known as n00bs, newbs, or newbies) are an extremely common species, found throughout The Comic Land and other comic settings (most notably in Channel Billion Studios). They have been featured in a large number of comics over the years, including Phillipnova's Comic Factory 2.0, Land of Vahki, TCTMOMNBMBIP and Heroes among others. The subject serves as the main plot of Noob War.

A newb is defined on the internet as someone who is new to a website, but is often used to refer to anyone who displays immatury or naive behavior. Generally, the appearance of a newb in a comic is a commentary on newbs in general on, who are often ridiculed.


Noobs are seen in a vast number of forms of Bionicle characters - Toa, Turaga, Matoran, Rahkshi, Makuta, and others. The only notable differences is that they speak in "chatspeak", and often, depending on their environment, have a uniform colour or colour scheme (for instance, the Noobs in Phillipnova's Comic Factory 2.0 all sport yellow limbs, while the Critics (a subspecies) from Disco Isn't Dead and Heroes have a uniform scheme of a blue body, red limbs, and a black head/mask). In the International ComicContinuity, the Noobs are often depicted as googly-eyed black Matoran, created by Gerlicky (with some exceptions).

Visual Representation

Noobs can be portrayed in different ways, but one common method first used en mass by Angry Nidhiki is to represent noobs with stick figures. In The Nidhiki and Krekka Chronicles, Angry Nid's first major comic endeavor, noobs were frequently shown as tall, bent, faceless figures with long, claw-like fingers. Other variations on this stick figure method have been used as well.
Rojo tmucw

Rojo the Noob, as seen in That's Messed Up: Creator's Wrath

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In Attack of Dr. Madness

In Attack of Dr. Madness, the noobs are voiced by not only Andrew Duncan, but also by Phil (Philipnova798) MacRae, Luke Hoar, Gavin (Gavla) Mayer, Skorpyo and Steven Mane

In stark contrast to other comics, the Noobs are portrayed as an unstoppable killing force mostly represented in Chimoru.

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