The Nova Kit is a duo of sprite kits made by Legolover-361. The first was well received, though no one (save Legolover and now Mahar) used it in comics. The second has yet to be released publicly on the forums, though it is better than the first.

The Original

Nova Spinny Animation

A spinny created with the Nova Kit.

Legolover had, at one point, made a sprite kit before. However, no one had used it, most likely due to the incredible lack of poses and somewhat sloppy spriting. The BZPower topic for this kit eventually died, forgotten even by Legolover.

But then Legolover found out about the Chimoru Kit, which he would later use primarily in his comics. Drawing inspiration from Chimoru and another kit Legolover liked, RZ, the Nova kit was born.

It took a while, the kit's creation lasting a little longer than the time BZPower's forums were temporarily down. By the time Legolover was able to post the topic on BZPower, he had made four body types for Toa and Matoran, as well as over thirty Kanohi and an expressions expansion kit.


The BZPower topic eventually became a hot topic. The kit seemed to be somewhat well-liked by other users, even receiving a compliment from Nuparurocks. The kit expanded for a while, but eventually the topic died as Legolover moved on to the Axis Kit.

Nova Kit Version 2.0


Some Nova Kit V2 Sprites.

Legolver-361 revealed the Nova Kit V2 in Scinos's blog in the entry for the newly formed CMA (founded by Legolover) as an option for the group's main kit. A topic has yet to be posted for it however. It was well-received by the other CMA members.


The Nova Kit

The Nova Kit V2

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