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Nui (Flaming Comics)


Species : Matoran
Comics : Flaming Comics
Kanohi : Miruna
Colors : Blue, black
Element : Earth
Occupation : Fictional Character
Tools : none
Location : Flaming Comics Studio, Comic Land
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Noo-ee

Nuijama El Spaniexadoparvasielspanyostevens, known publicly as Nui, is a fictional character in the comics Flaming Comics by FireEmblem.


Nui is the fictional cousin of FireEmblem in the comics Flaming Comics. He is odd, somewhat insane, humorous, and a genius.

Nui was born Nuijama El Spaniexadoparvasielspanyostevens on January 29th, 1997. Not much is known beforehand, but he is FireEmblem's cousin. He moved to FireEmblem's studio when they were in High School, and was just like FireEmblem: sane. In Flaming Comics 2.0, he is now the random character, thinking of stupid things and being totally pointless. He went back to school approximately 2 months before Flaming Comics 2.0 and is still in Kindergarten, but he has a drivers license. His best friends are Kash and Kahinuva. He went off fighting with FireEmblem in the Civil War.


  • Nui is based off FireEmblem's real cousin, Xavier.
  • Nui was going to appear in his "Adaptive Armor" form in Civil War, but when FireEmblem resigned, Nui and his updated form were removed from the series.
  • Nui is the only Matoran/Toa known to wear a Miruna, the Mask of Concealed Levitating.
  • He is a Toa of Earth, but the only known Earth Toa with the colors black and blue.

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