Nuparurocks' Comics


Author(s) : Nuparurocks
Current Season : Beta
Medium : Six Shade Chimoru
Island : The Comic Land
Main Enemies : N/A
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : June 7 2008
Location : NR's House
Status : Zomg Popular
Pronunciation : "N/A"

Nuparurocks` Comics is a comic series that was created by NR after his first two comic series bombed. It's notable for having the longest running daily strip on BZPower.

While the first season focused around NR's life with an assortment of odd and eccentric characters and PGSes, as well as his and Myarti's struggles to top one another and win the heart of Linnea, Season Beta took on a completely new approach. The comics were switched into a daily format and multiple story arcs were spun. Season Beta also featured detailed backgrounds as well as Six Shaded sprites.




NR clears it all up.


Mental Voyatoran and Piraka Firecrackers


Character Description
Nuparurocks The main character. He is a comic artist and is in love with Linnea.
Myarti He is NR's rival, Always trying to outdo him with comics, Posts or Girls.
Kirta He is a childish guy, Always screwing something up or watching Dora the Explorer. (Usually both)
Linnea The only girl, And the only one who can really think straight. NR and Myarti both have crushes on her.
Gavla One of NR's closest confidants.
Philipnova798 Moody and often complains. Has also known NR for the longest time of the cast.
Zakitano Returned from heaven with wings.
Toa of Twilight The most insane cast member who will electrocute people for fun.
Keratu An old comic maker who appeared in Dark709's Comics: The Movie.
Hojirick Originally a GS. He was a Paper Cuts author.
Freezo Good friend of NR's.
Janaro Up-and-coming RZ author.
Vahi786 and Haley786 Brother-sister comic team.
Hanahlii Sister of BZPower Reference Keeper, LewaLew.
Khols Recent fan of NR's comics.
Kahinuva Awesome comic artist and resident legal expert.
Atoma Carried over from Janaro.
Dark Warlord A fan who used to make extremely strange and esoteric comics. He is also openly gay, although this is rarely addressed..
The Cast of Makito's Comics The two-shade Chimoru Makito, Freezo and Dark Warlord along with Tails the Fox and the cast's trebuchet.

Guest Stars

Guest Star Fate
Makito Had his backpack accidentally stolen by Kirta, Who thought it was a parachute.
MonsterCalvin Ended up being Shoop-Da-Whooped. (See Lord Zahaki)
Sylux Tied to a target and hit by Dark Warlord in a flying vehicle.
Vader's Apprentice Scared into unconsciousness by NR's badly-drawn close-up sprites.
The Talking Nuvok Shield Assisted NR in removing his clones, But then left the house because it was "crazy."
Lord Zahaki Transported, Along with NR, To the Shoop-Da-Dimention, Where they met Monstercalvin.
Myarti N/A
Toa Jaller Mahri Smacked by NR, Who was then mauled by a mob at a Rush concert
Merc With A Mouth-VV After surviving an explosion of an oversized Hakkan Bomb of Zakitano's, assists NR and Kirta in rescuing Zak from Heaven, before falling to his (Death?) after parachuting from Heaven.

Running Gags

The comic strip features various notable running gags which have defined its style of humor, most of prevalent of which is Makito being used in various situations which make up the strip's more random humor. For example, Makito was once used to break a sad moment between Kahinuva and Haley786, to recite lyrics from Daft Punk's song "Technologic", impersonate Khols, have a six-shade version of him accompany him in annoying the cast among other situations. The second most prevalent gag is the relationship between Nuparurocks and Linnea. During the series' second anniversary, they shared their first kiss (not counting the "drunken" (with eggnog) kiss in the Season Alpha Christmas comic). Recently, Nuparurocks proposed to Linnea. Ennar has confirmed that this will be permanent, and will have plans with this in the near future.

Another running gag involves NR and Makito wearing their Daft Punk helmets at random times. A car has been driven several times with the joke usually following a similar format. A joke that was used twice during the first month involved Makito interrupting a romantic moment between NR and Linnea by firing a projectile from the "Love Boat" (a simple boat drawn in Microsoft Paint) with the line "Y'all's taken a big hit from the Love Boat, yeah. Hammer time."

In the earliest strips, Kahinuva worked as a stock broker and caused the economy to severely plummet, resulting in a Great Depression of sorts. NR and Atoma were seen wearing old country uniforms which have since been reused about three months later.

The Trebuchet is another gag that is prominent in most of the comics. It is usually used by Makito, though NR has used it often as well for catapulting small children at Halloween. It has seen use in every holiday comic of Season Beta.

Myarti's view of himself is another gag, as he routinely thinks of himself as attractive while the opposite is clearly obvious. However, he ironically ignores Atoma, who is the only girl that is remotely attracted to him.


Nuparurocks` Comics have been praised for their unique and detailed backgrounds, made with GIMP and have influenced many modern series, notably Live, Learn and Lawsuits. They are often regarded as one of the best modern series on BZPower.


  • Unlike the usual "Season One, Season Two, etc." cliche, NR has named his second series "Season Beta" in the tradition of MK Comics.
  • The last comic in Season Alpha prior to the anniversary shows NR pounding Makito. This was due to a real life incident of Makito breaking NR's laptop.
  • In the final Bob Saga comic, Both NR and fellow PGS Phil are seen taking the box of the protagonists from Project Unlikely. The RZ versions of NR, Phil and Gavla, as well as Skorpyo and Rogwiz are seen as well.

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