Nyrak is a female toa of Lightning in Luminox's Comics



Species : Toa
Comics : Luminox's Comics
Kanohi : Kualsi
Colors : Black and Gold
Element : Lighting
Occupation : Warrior
Tools : Claw Hammer
Location : Ahoradelcine
Status : Alive, in hiding from Hapori Tohu's forces
Pronunciation : NY-rak


Nyrak started life as a normal Ni-Matoran. At some point she became a toa. She later teamed up with Ferran to for an unknown mission. Ferran lost his arm in this mission. At some point, she teamed up with Luminox, and his team, facing the dark hunters in their first mission together.The team then split up after, only to be recalled recently by Luminox to a desolete outpost on Ahoradelcine.Here, they were attacked by Hapori Tohu's forces, though they escaped. With no supplies, Nyrak went to get some. However, her temper led to her being arrested for assault. She escaped, and soon after, rejoined the others, saving Luminox from KT09. She then, with the team, fought, and defeated Hapori Tohu.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a toa of Lighting, Nyrak can controll, create, absorb, and has immunity to electricity. Her Kualsi allows her to teleport anywhere she sees. She carries a claw hammer, which can smash things, or with it's clawed blade, cut through most anything.


Nyrak is generally calm and funloving, but very easily gets angry, and is slow to turn from it, harboring grudges from before she was a toa. She has alot of physical strength, but she is also very agilic.She is a psychologist, and has a crush on Luminox.


She, along with Luminox, has appeared in Chath's Studio. In it, she is obsessed with Luminox, probably a side effect of being teleported to the studio.

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