Genre : Comedy
Started/Maintained By : Shadow Hydruka, Archon, Ultimate_Kardas, Arbiter
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : Space
Main Enemies : N/A
Starting Date : 2008
Sprite Kit : RZMIK
Status : Dead
"Welcome to the mothership, a flying ship trillions of miles away from the homes of yours truly. Watch as we confront our deep, personal selves as we explore the mountains of valleys of space time, the thousands of solar systems, the millions of- Okay, I think I'm getting carried away."
— Plot description

Observed was a multi-author comic series created by Shadow Hydruka, with co-authors Archon, Ultimate_Kardas and Arbiter. Around September 27, 2009, it was abandoned.


Observed is set in outer space. Its plot revolves around the comic authors, depicted here as space travelers, on a mothership and their various misadventures or random events in a galactic environment. It parodies various space franchises.

PGS List

  1. Garda
  2. Lepaka
  3. Beastie Boy
  4. Vican
  5. Arcanist Tjin

BZPower Topic

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