Author(s) : Ardros
Current Season : One
Medium : RZMIK
Island : A dimension located outside BZPower
Main Enemies : The Noob Bashers, Dr. Heptagon (mockingly)
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : June 20, 2010
Location : Ardros's Home
Status : Active
Pronunciation : N/A

Octostudios is the first series by BZP member Ardros, currently known as "Ardros can Draw Octagon :)." It is about an Elmo fan Matoran, Ardros, and his legion of octagons trying - and failing - to make decent comics.


OctoStudios chronicles the adventures of a Matoran, Ardros, and his army trying to make good comics, and often failing, with Emperor Noobatine and the Noob Bashers providing constant setbacks. Because of the bad comics and insane happenings, Ardros tends to have a short temper towards his cast, but is still popular amongst them. He is more compassionate towards Noobatine, looking at him like a small child that needs to be protected. At one point, Ardros got so fed up with Board Messages that he decided to destroy the BZP Server. This led him on a long, epic quest where he faced Noobs and Rahkshi, eventually discovering that Hapori Tohu is the Reaper Lord.

A panel from the Destroy the Server saga


OctoStudios began on June 20, 2010, and received mixed reviews, the text color being illegible being a major complaint. After a long hiatus, not long enough for the topic to die but long enough for everyone to forget the series, Ardros posted a new comic, with improved text and humor. That comic was well-recieved, and Ardros has been posting semi-regular updates since then.


Ardros The comic maker, Ardros is random and obsessive with a bit of a temper. He, like his octagons, adores Elmo. He can control the Octagons using the Octagon Control Helmet, and merge them into an Octagon Nui by turning into an Octagon Titan. He also owns a BZGuard suit modified into a pressure suit.

Ardros's minions and "pets", no one is quite sure where exactly octagons fit in the range of BIONICLE species. They act childlike and curious, loving Elmo and playing in cookware. When being controlled, they are the ultimate army. There are approximately 10 million living with Ardros, and 5 billion more in the wild. They can merge into an 'Octagon Nui' with greater powers. Each variety has different powers:

  • Red: Teleportation
  • Blue: Invincibility
  • Yellow: Tracking
  • Green: Guardians of the Soul
  • Orange: Explosives
  • Black: Cloning
  • Purple: Fire
  • Brown: Recording vision
  • Teal: Water
  • Sand Blue: Sonics
  • White: Soul Eating
Emperor Noobatine A Star wars obsessed yellow noob in a cloak, Emperor Noboatine is innocent and friendly, while still managing to be noobish. He fears the Noob Bashers, and not much else. He enjoys stuff that would have a normal person run screaming, like being blasted across the screen. He was killed, permanently, by Hapori Tohu.
Noob Bashers Leka, Escan and Valak are the Noob Bashers. They hate noobs, and are rather unfriendly in their quest to purge the world of noobish things. They are in Six Shade Chimoru, Xaniskit and Rayg because those, according to Ardros, are real-life Noob Bashers' favorite kits.
Dr. Heptagon A grad student of the Sir Pickles school of comic villainy, Heptagon must take over the studio to get his degree. No one likes him, the cast because he's annoying and the Noob Bashers because he's a noobish stereotype. He has a tendency to overstate things and use big words.
Zero (PGS) A noob protector, Zero believes that noobs should be treated like any other Matoran. He has a Z-Saber, or customized lightsaber, that he uses to make his point clear. During the Server Saga, he was killed by Octagons after they heard him fret about Hexagons.
Mist (PGS) Dark and mysterious, Mist hates noobs with a passion. He is rather violent. During the Destroy the Server Saga, it was revealed that he works for Hapori Tohu, which led him to try and destroy several cast members. He was eventually killed by Ardros.
X (PGS) A zany, wild fellow comic maker, X like penguins almost to the point of obsession. He never uses author powers, despite being an author. During the Server Saga, he was killed when he fell off the stairs and broke his mask.
Thylon (PGS) A reaper, Thylon can remove people's souls when in Rage form. When not, he can turn into a ghost and walk through stuff. Sane and friendly, he is one of Ardros's friends. During the Server Saga, he disappeared and was presumed dead, but later found alive. He was then killed by Hapori Tohu, who disintegrated him.
Master of Greyhounds (PGS) Master of Greyhounds, or MOG, controls Greyhounds, like Ardros controls Octagons, and has the power to run as fast as one. He is smart and friendly. During the Server Saga, he was killed by his noob self, toa of stupidness.
Bcucu (PGS) Friendly and somewhat crazy, Bcucu is a reaper killer and one of Ardros's friends. He has an entire arsenal of Reaper-killing equipment, and knows each one by name. During the Server Saga, he was killed when an attempt to destroy a Tohrahk backfired, due to their reflective armor stopping his laser blaster.
DJ N00bSlayer (PGS)

DJ N00bSlayer is a slayer of noobs, and generally friendly. Ardros discovered him, along with MOG, fighting Tohrahk in the Server Saga. Towards the end, he was killed when Thylon ate his soul. He was the only one who actually defeated his noob in the Saga.

Evo, Excorcist and Experiment 9 (PGS) A moreevil reaper than Thylon, Evo is Bcucu's mortal foe. His mute good side, Excorcist, is actually a demon-harvester in disguise. Experiment 9 is Evo's pet that has a mental connection with him.
The Server Guardians
The Server Guardians are the creatures that guard the BZP Server from those who would wish it harm. The Tohrahk are a special breed of tan and blue Rahkshi that carry staffs topped with Tohu heads. Their leader, the Server Overlord, looks exactly like them, but with a tan Noble Huna instead of a tan Rahkshi head. He is quick to anger and rather unreasonable. He was supposedly killed by a swarm of Octagon Nuis. The Noob Room, a chamber just before the server, contains noobs of whoever enters. Mist could also techincally count in this group, because he worked with Tohu to prevent Ardros's group from arriving at the server.

Hapori Tohu

Lord of the Reapers, Hapori Tohu attempted to sabatoge Ardros's attempt to destroy the server. Eventually, it was revealed that he WAS the server, in addition to being a reaper. He killed Emperor Noobatine before being killed himself by orange octagons. His gear was eventually used to bring the PGSes back to life.


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