Official Comic Land Lawfirm


Headquarters : BZ-Metru
Leader : Rahvork
Purpose : To earn money by way of suing Matoran
Allies : Thier clients
Enemies : Their opposition, LLL Studios
Status : Active
Comics : Live, Learn, and Lawsuits, Ozuan's Comics
Location : The Comic Land

The Official Comic Land Lawfirm is the first lawfirm ever established in the The Comic Land.


It has many lawyers in its employ, the head of them being Rahvork. It is located in the hub of BZ-Metru and run a successful business. However, they have lost several workers, including Rahvork, who are recovering in the hospital after receiving third degree burns from a certain individual.


The OCLL is located in BZ-Metru. It is situated next to the Extradimensional Consul and the Spartan Embassy. It's founder's name was Bob, a Po-Matoran who wanted to start a lawfirm in BZ-Metru. They quickly became the highest ranking lawfirm in the Metru, presumably because they were the only one.

Successful Cases

  • Valna from Ozuan's Comics for impersonating a lawyer.
  • Gatling Gun Henry's lawsuit against The PAG (the Parents Against Guns association)'s claim with children using guns.
  • Various cases against Swearing Steve.
  • Dr. Khols for his name. Though it is never seen on screen, it is presumed to have happened as stated by him.

Unsuccessful Cases

  • Kahinuva for numerous cases
  • Tavakai for not giving Tahuninja a longer GS spot. Ironicly, the Lawfirm tried to get Tav to sue Kahi (and the rest of his guest stars) for destroying his bathroom with no sucess. As Tav stated that his house is blown up often.
  • Numerous Threats against almost everybody and everything. They don't go thorugh with it on screen though, if at all.
  • As stated above, Various cases against Swearing Steve have either been sucessful or failures.

Known Lawyers

Character Description
Rahvork Lawyer from the Official Comic Land Lawfirm. Loves to sue people. Wears a Golden Nobel Huna
Eanro Another layer from the OCLL. Wears a Green Great Miru.
Tatis Lawyer from the OCLL. Wears a Brown Great Paraki.
Aanei Lawyer from the OCLL. Allergic to thornax. Wears a Red Great Huna.
Iklan Apprentice Lawyer from the OCLL. Wears a Blue Nobel Rau.
Litan Lawyer from the OCLL. Wears a White Great Hau, shaped like a Hau Nuva.


  • The term "Official" is a parody of Official Topics.
  • The first letters of the lawyers names spell R-E-T-A-I-L. This word was picked out randomly by Kahinuva as inspiration for names.
  • The founder, Bob, is not meant as a reference to the character in Dark709's comics, rather it is a spoof of the Bob Jones lawfirm.
  • Rahvork is a close friend of Gatling Gun Henry.

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