Omega Deception

Omega picture is Omega

Species : Matoran
Comics : Bara Magna: Redone
Kanohi : Black great Hau
Colors : Black and white
Element : Light and Shadow
Occupation : Comic Maker
Tools : Sword, clawed hand
Location : Right now, the Comic Land
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

Omega Deception is a comic maker. He is friends with Gavla and Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen.

Comic History

Deception Comic Studio

Omega started DCS after his first attempt at comics. It was funny comics about him, his sister, and a few other characters. There were villains, such as a Makuta with an army of assassins. These sadly died after about 5 or 10 pages.
Omega from DCS

Omega from DCS

DCS 2.0

Omega started DCS 2.0 after DCS died. They were about Omega's past and how Makuta Vurtrez got his start. In these comics, it is discovered that Omega was a BZP-guard. These comics where whipped out in the BZP dataclysm.

DSC 3.0

These comics were about Omega's past as well, as we learn he fights to save an island, and was part of a team. These might have something to do with 2.0, but it is unknown at this time. These comics died.

Later, he opened the somewhat successful multi-author series Bara Magna: Redone.

Halo: Randomized

Started on August 25, 2009. Closed on August 26, 2009 due to a slightly vicious argument. They used Rayg's Halo kit.

In The Lazy Life of a Comic Maker

Omega is a PGS in the Lazy Life. He has the powers of light and shadow and is white and black. He wheres what appears to be a Mohtrek. His form has changed to that of a black and white Toa with a Lhikan Hau in black, and his right arm being the dark purple clawed arm.

Omega is set to have a big role in Fight for the Lazy Life.

In Toaster's Island

Omega was meant to be an author in TI, but things did not work out, and he quit.

Abilities and Traits

Omega has been in a few comics, with three kinds of forms. In The Lazy Life of a Comic Maker, he is a Toa Metru shape, black and white, with the powers of shadow and light. He wears a black and white Kanohi Mohtrek here as well. In other comics, such as Chane's Comics, and his own, he is a Matoran shape, gold and infected, with silver armor. His right arm is infected, with the rest of him gold. he wears a Great Hau. The left side is infected, while the right side is gold. His left eye is yellow/red, while the right is light green. In The Mercenus Chronicles, The Lazy Life of a Comic Maker 2.0 and 3.0, and Fight for the Lazy Life, he is black and white, with a black great Hau, and his whole right arm is dark purple, with a almost luminescent blue, and a claw.

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