Onepu (Blade Titan974's Comics)

Onepu Card

Species : Matoran
Comics : Blade Titan974's Comics
Kanohi : Pakari
Colors : Purple, Black
Element : Earth
Occupation : Leader Of The Idiot Trio
Tools : Before: Onu Sword

Current: Purple Light Saber

Location : Meta-Nui
Status : Traveling to Ko Meta
Pronunciation : Oh-NEH-poo

Onepu used to be one of the smartest Matoran around. Which is why he is the leader of the Idiot Trio so Chokii and Tekatu wouldn't get in serious trouble. But for some reason, his superior intellect disappeared making him a rather dim witted Matoran.


Before Comics

50 years ago, a great calamity happened on Metru-Nui, causing Onepu along with the rest of Metru-Nui's inhabitants to look for a new home, eventually coming across Meta-Nui. Some time after that, Onepu met a duo of two Matoran. They were Chokii and Tekatu. A few misadventures after they met, the three Matoran joined Onepu's team against the Original Bohrok Colony to reclaim Meta-Nui. During those events, the three started to bond with each other, but afterwards, Onepu grew stupid for unknown reasons. Soon, the three started the Idiot Trio. Fitting to say the least.

Chapter 1: Before it Began

Eventually, the three met Blade Titan974. Due to Onepu's stupidity, he annoys Blade Titan sometimes. He has even grown a liking to cheese. He is right now trying to become smart again. Which is one reason why he uses Blade's computer all the time-To research on where his lost memories may be. Also, here, Onepu's famous *Dies* gag came to be.

Chapter 2: Quest for the Meta Sword

Onepu later decided to come along with Blade on his little quest. Here, Onepu hopes to find a way to become smart again. He fights of Silvahk with his lightsaber.


"OMG! It's Gerlicky! *Dies*"
— Onepu dying from a major surprise
"OH MY EGGS! Is that Lucas709?!? *Dies*"
— Onepu dying again after mistaking Blade Titan as Lucas709.
"HoLy CoRn!!! Taku- *Gets hit* Ow!"
— Onepu almost dying in an upcoming comic.


  • Onepu was Blade Titan974's first Matoran ever. So he wanted to make him a main character in most of his things.
  • Despite the way many Onu-Matoran describe him harshly, Onepu is a good friend of the Matoran Midak.
  • Onepu actually does not like his Chimoru Omega-style Pakari.