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Species : Matoran
Comics : comic.jpg
Kanohi : Pakari/Matatu Combination
Colors : Black and white
Element : N/A
Occupation : Comic Maker
Tools : N/A
Location : Earth
Status : Unknown
Pronunciation : ohwe-nee

Oni is a member of BZPower and a comic maker. He is best known for the MAS he started, The Fourth Wall, and for being friends to many prestigious comic makers such as Gavla and Dokuma.


Oni joined BZPower on December 6, 2007, as Mr. Happy. He didn't post much, and generally just stayed on the outskirts, posting once or twice a day. He then found Gavla's Comics, and was inspired to make comics. He released ~O~, Oni-Downfall, and Oni: Reborn, receiving good reviews for all three. However, he couldn't produce comics very fast, and the topics didn't last for long. He then left BZPower for a long time.

He announced his return with Oni: Duo. It did fairly well, and he created another series, Corrupt, during it's lifespan. He closed both topics, vowing to return soon. He did, and released Oni: Tres. It gained a large reaction, staying alive for a long time before it died (purposefully). He created the A Chimoru Comic! series during Oni: Tres, which was very successful, being praised for it's innovation.

After A Chimoru Comic! and Oni: Tres were both closed/dead, he created his two most famous works: comic.jpg and The Fourth Wall. He then went through some problems, and went through a huge "comic slump". His last solo series was A Bohrok's Journey, which was pretty successful, but closed soon after it's release. He is currently working on a new series, SRX-74, which will be released on August 17.

He recently reopened comic.jpg.



  • Oni has only created one season finale, which was for Oni: Duo.
  • Oni has changed his sprite multiple times, leading to confusion as to what he actually looks like.
  • It is said that comic.jpg has had the most posts on its opening night, gaining three pages before being cleaned up by Pohuaki.

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