Species : Matoran
Comics : Luminox's Comics, Onkar's Comics
Kanohi : Garai
Colors : Red and Orange
Element : Fire
Occupation : Comic maker, Commander
Tools : Spear
Location : Some island
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : OWN-Kar

Onkar is a Fire Matoran, and leader of a crack team of commandos in Luminox's Comics. He is also the maker of his own Comics, Onkar's Comics, which have yet to be realeased on BZPower.


Onkar worked as a mechanic for vehicles, soon gaining more money than he knew what to do with. So he decided to enlist in the BZ guard. He never got a response or letter from the BZ guard telling him that they needed him. Thus, he decided built his own island, and become a comic maker. So he invited his two best friends, Bondar and Xela, to help him make comics. He also invited an old friend, Luminox, to join him. Later, he put advertisments in the paper, causing Nano and the noob Haggai to join. However, he began being stalked by a villain, Meca One for unknown resons. Shortly after, Luminox took a short time of leave, to meet with his team,but then the BZ guard responded to Onkar's enlistment and sent Colonel Meanal(Colonel Meanie) to take Onkar and his frends to boot camp before he goes into the Army.

At some point later, Onkar and his friends became the six commanders of Tohu's Army.


As a comic maker, Onkar can create random props, teleport, advance plotlines, see partially into the future, and preform a Shoop da Whoop.

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